Here is to the New Year

Behind closed eyes I drop into the body and notice something new, a steadiness I have never experienced before this moment. This is a shift I wasn’t anticipating. I have been working to release self doubt and patterns of insecurities. As this judgement falls away, I have slowly become more clear about my intentions and dreams, my body has shifted into a more grounded place.

I always thought living and working within my passion would feel like butterflies in my stomach, almost a jittery level of excitement. But to my surprise and delight, as I embody my passions, it feels instead, like stability, an energy that is truly sustainable. I feel more connected and part of the world instead of being on the edge of things.

This clarity has shifted my work as well. As I move through my education and teaching, I have a deeper sense of trust in the process, when I am in my grounded body, as opposed to being completely in my head, I hold space for the everyone in my life to embody their experiences. I have found this space opens to me through my daily practices. I am going to list mine below as I move into the new year (2019), these are my manifestation tools.

  1. Sobriety. 

  2. Food as Medicine.

  3. Meditation.

  4. Study.

  5. Exercise.