Lisa Rundall currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Rahja and two sons, Oliver and Noah. She lives, works and practices in the Highlands Square neighborhood. She came from the west coast, growing up in the San Fransisco, Bay Area (where her heart will forever remain), she moved to the north woods to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University. Moving, after graduation, to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where she met her love and partner in life.

Lisa is a teacher and student, dedicated to physical and spiritual realization through Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga. She studied Yoga Nidra and Neurosculpting as part of her 500 hour yoga teacher training. Once starting her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in fall of 2018, she quickly saw an opportunity to incorporate meditation and manifestation into her practice.

Off the mat, Lisa is an artist and photographer, she is just as creative on the mat. Her classes are sweaty, soulful, and nurturing. She reminds her students to live from their hearts, and is committed to bringing out the personal strength, awareness and trust in her students. Lisa teaches from a place of personal experience, asking students to look at their own personal evolution. We take the opportunity to look inward with each class and discover what makes you come alive so that you can take that out into the world.